The company


Founded in 1978,our company, constituted by a professional and dynamic team, has for constant concern the satisfaction of its customers.

MAPRECOS applies its know-how in the following areas:

  • Cosmetic raw materials (decorative, skincare, suncare, hair and toiletries)
  • Raw materials for detergent and alcoholic  industries
  • Packaging (sponges, puffs, brushes …)
  • Service (crushing, sieving, mixing, dispersion, powder analysis, microbiology, decontamination, solar SPF measurement …)

ISO 9001, version 2008 since February 3rd, 2009, MAPRECOS endeavors to respond promptly to all technical or commercial requests and provides advisory service for cosmetic formulations.

French and foreign companies, whose products are distributed by Maprecos were carefully selected since 35 years for their seriousness and the reliability of their products.
They are mostly leaders in their line of business.

Raw material Divisionivision

  • Sector: Cosmetics Industry
  • General Management : Céline FELIX / Laurent FELIX
  • Technical Director : Christiane SCHOENER
  • Sales Engineers :  Régis LIZIN
  • Number of employees : 11
  • CA: approx. € 19 millions
  • Headquarter/Warehouse  MAPRECOS S.A.S.

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